2022 9U Jamboree Events


Mount Pearl – Saturday June 18, 2022

Placentia – Saturday July 16, 2022

Number of Teams 20 Teams (1-day event) 

Game Length 30 Minutes Running Time (3 minute shifts running time)

Number of Games Three (3) games per each NLBHA registered jamboree team

Team Roster (Minimum)

2 Lines (5 players / A Line B Line Format) 

1 Goaltender

Helmets/Facial Protection All players are required to wear a CSA approved helmet (this includes goaltenders). In minor ball hockey, all players are required to wear full facial protection.

Goaltenders are permitted to wear street hockey goaltender equipment (however, helmets must be CSA approved). 

Sticks Plastic sticks are not permitted.

Shin pads are mandatory in minor ball hockey. Only soft covered shin pads may be worn outside the clothing. All hard covered shin pads with the exception of those specifically designed for ball hockey must be covered by pants or socks. Soccer shin pads are permitted. They must be covered by socks or pants.

The use of gloves is mandatory. Ice hockey, ball hockey or lacrosse gloves is recommended. Gloves must have proper wrist protection and the wrist protection must be closed. Palm-less/fingerless gloves are not permitted.

Other Recommended Equipment include jock, jill and elbow pads.

Jamboree Team Entry Fees$225 per 9U team; plus $10 per player that is not part of a registered NLBHA program. There is an annual (one payment) $10 NLBHA registration fee to participate in NLBHA events.

Team Registration form (https://ballhockeynl.ca/registration/ 9U registration form is found under provincial championships) and Team Entry Fee must be submitted by June 08. For further information regarding team registration and entry fees, please contact the NLBHA Treasurer or VP Minor under ‘governance’ at ballhockeynl.ca . Entry fees will be sent to the NLBHA treasurer at the time of registration. Entry Fee payment is to be made via EMT to treasurer@nlbha.com (no password required). Team name must be included in EMT message.

Team Roster forms will be sent to teams that register by June 08. Team Rosters must be provided to the NLBHA registrar at least three days prior to the start of a 9U jamboree.

NLBHA Officials will facilitate and officiate each jamboree game. There is a facility convener and NLBHA convener for each 9U jamboree.

Coaches must register (https://ballhockeynl.ca/volunteerregistration/) with the NLBHA prior to coaching at any NLBHA event or tournament in 2022.